The focal point of all the views of the “World peace museum” is Gopal Chandra Majumdar alias Benyamadhav.
However, people are aware of their fundamental ideas, when Dr. Gopal Chandra Majumdar has given permission to Dr. Rastogi, the Vice Chancellor of Banaras Hindu University, to give the flag of “World Nation Prem” on the Lanka Gate of V. H. Established in 1987.
Afterwards, Dr. Majumdar has been doing something through his writings and programs.
His thoughts and programs include Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh
Many dignitaries have happily supported
The form of “world peace ambassador”
It is obvious that he has definitely started with “Banaras Hindu University”, but before this, Dr. Gopal Chandra Majumdar had gone on to do constant contemplation and peace for world peace. From childhood, Dr. Majumdar has a religious nature. When you used to study in the orthodox class, you used to do constant meditation day and night to eradicate world peace and religious differences.
Dr. Majumdar had also done studying meditation and mentorship of all the religions as well as coming in to youth.
Thereafter, “World Peace Conscious” today stands as a pillar of light in the world to establish world peace and world love.

He was born on May 9, 1951 in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh. From the very beginning you have been interested in religion, music, art, and literature, poetry. Your father is late Rasik Lal Majumdar and his mother is a late Indumati Majumdar. He has e passed D • H • M • S • Degree from Bihar University. In order to give his idol to idol, you have established the “World Peace Conscious Committee” in Mirpur in 1994. For the fulfillment of this purpose in the earliest, the “world peace ambassador” trust trust (TRUST) was also established.
He has written several books. On the basis of these books and writings, you have received many awards and honorable accounts. The books of your poems, “He is nature priyo”, “From the seed of auso”, and “the decision of human society” in the form of philosophy, “There are only four philosophies in the entire world”, “Absolute eternal love philosophy”. As an author, he has established a new doctrine. This is the reason why looking at your writings is called supernatural work by Red and Buckery. You will be invited to the World Peace Conference in the year 2000 “Human Rights Millennium Award” has been awarded.
The former Prime Minister, Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, has appreciated the letter of your thoughts and programs.
Former President, Dr. K. R. Narayanan has also expressed his respect for his views by the letter.
Professor Ratan Lal Hangal, Vice Chancellor, Allahabad University appreciated the fundamental ideas of Dr Gopal Chandra Majumdar and said through the letter that I hope that your efforts will be great academic significance.
Aligarh Muslim University has said that it will give brightness to the world peace, enlightening brotherhood on the globe and our readers will certainly inspired from same.

Dr. Gopal Chandra Mazumdar’s ideas and programs are attended by many dignitaries gladly.
Pastor Saheb R. Paul, freedom fighter military district president, Shri Vidyasagar Shukla, Dr. Sarjeet Singh Dung, former minister, late Azahar Imam senior leader Advocate, late Umakant Mishra, former MP, Bhagwati Prasad Chaudhary, former District Council President, Rajiv Sialas Former Chairman Municipal Council, Late Shri Umakant Mishra Former District Cooperative Chairman, Late Bhavdev P. Senior litterateur, Shri Bholanath Kushwaha, senior literary and former sub-editor (Allahabad is the news “Aajtak”) and many dignitaries. Ambika Prasad Gupta Former District Judge, Prabhat Kumar Majumdar Former District President, Sale Tax Bar Council, Late Sardar Pritam Singh, Ajay Sadh, Late Devi Prasad Dubey, Suresh Chand Tiwari, Shashi Shankar Tiwari, Late Gulab Chand Keshavarni, Late Amarana Tha Sheshwani, Dr. P.R Singh Former Professor, Ramkrishna, A.R Farmer.

Dr. Gopal Chand Mazumdar, President of the ” Vishwa Shanti Gandoot “

Vice President Ataullah Siddiqui
Secretary Ramesh Chandra
Treasurer Shiv Prakash Agrawal
Deputy Secretary-General Manmohan Krishna Garg

The main objectives of “world peace ambassador”

1=>For the past 30 years, the flag of “World Nations Love” has been promoted under the protection of Dr. Gopal Chandra Majumdar. Now as a organized Trust, by bringing people of the world under a flag with the ‘World Love’, in which the people in the world get true joy and fear of the integrity of any country And the fear of war or world war could get rid of forever and the future could not see any dream of becoming like Timur Long.
The flag of “World Nation Prem” will be in the sky, which is an indicator of the prevalence. It will be the sign of the moon of Trinity, which is said to be the psychological sign of Easter, Id, Akshaya Tritiya, famine and love. Exposing all religions prevalent in the world by psychological, scientific and social knowledge according to their own religion books, eliminating human society from communalism and exposing the prevailing differences in the world, highlighting the reality of their religion.

2=>Dr. Gopal Chandra Majumdar’s idea of ​​realizing the truth and ending communal differences, creating a whole India “home” (home of plenary world love) in the whole of India and throughout the world for national and international integration. Make and maintain and maintain.
In “Eaalay”, arrangements for worship will be arranged, showing both the powers of God as formless and in reality as light.
Both the powers will be established in and out of the shape of the moon in the shape of the moon.
In the ” Eaalay “, the first worship will be the flag of “World Nations Love”. This will be established near “Eaalay”. It will be a creative work for the welfare of all religions and castes. The statue of a snake and the idol of the mother who is lying in the lap outside of the main door of ” Eaalay ” will be established. This idol will be considered as a symbol of self-realization (sense of egoism) and understanding of Mamta respectively.
Due to the modal of ” Eaalay ” made by Majumdar, “Eaalay” will be made.

3=>Today human society is developing in every field, but human emotions such as love, compassion, humility, tenderness, service spirit, philanthropy, immaculate spirit, love and love of world love, all such public welfare emotions are just books Has been imprisoned only in Therefore, Dr. Gopal Chandra Majumdar has said through his writing that true democracy will be the decision of human society. This can be landed only on a political basis. There is no assessment of human emotions in human society, nor do these emotions have any place in the political scene. The “world peace ambassador” honors and honors all such human feelings and will always try to establish these emotions in human society. This trust deed is an illegal non-political organization, so it will only encourage such a political, fulfills the kind of purpose.

4=>Dr. Gopal Chandra Mazumdar’s world-wide publicity dissemination of all ideas. Promotion of the three books written by him (1-Decision of human society, 2-perpetual eternal love philosophy, 3-only four philosophies in the entire world).

5=>Operate the orphanages. Providing free education and medical care for their upliftment and refining the statue.

6=>Establishment of ashram, school, technical schools and artificial egg manufacturing units for the upliftment of old ashrams and undeveloped / handicapped persons and encouraging self-dependency.

7=>Environmental protection and plantation

8=>To make Dharamshala for all religions

9=>To make a free hospital.
To set up a school for the upliftment of human society, to run and to establish a university for the said purpose if possible.